SketchUML: A TabletPC-based eLearning Tool for the UML Syntax

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Future Features

SketchUML is currently released as a beta version. It is far away from being complete. Yet, we hope that by releasing a preliminary version, we can receive a few user insights in what users want to be augmented, added or changed. Belowe is a list of changes and known issues that is being addressed in the current development. For a more up-to-date list of bugfixes, please refer to the changelog.

Future Features SketchUML will include:
  • *completed* add new UML connector type: composition
  • *completed* adjustable return values for operations
  • *completed* adjustable visibility modifiers
  • *completed*improve feedback on current editing mode
  • *completed*improve feedback on UML design
  • *cancelled*auto-layout feature
  • *completed* connector cardinatliy
  • *completed* connector annotation
  • *completed* UML conformant connector design
  • *completed* collapsable class symbols
  • *completed* more file formats
  • *completed* crash reporter / diagram restore on crash
  • *completed* confirmation dialogs / help menu