SketchUML: A TabletPC-based eLearning Tool for the UML Syntax

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SketchUML and some related downloads (like presentations and articles) are free for educational and personal use. If you wish to use SketchUML in a commercial context, please contact the author to receive a commercial copy (possible fees and charges apply).

Videos, Demos, and Pictures are property of their respective authors and are not free, but may be used for demo purposes in non-commercial settings, given that a link to the SketchUML Homepage is provided. Only the links below are official and may be used for demo purposes. Downloading of the videos and pictures using third party tools is prohibited and only allowed with prior written permission from the respective authors.

On this page, you can find interesting SketchUML related downloads. Click on the links below to download the files. Please make sure that you agree to the End User License Agreement before downloading SketchUML.


SketchUML (source and binaries):: final stable version is 0.7h. Requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.5 or higher and the Microsoft Ink SDK.

Intro Video:: A short 6min demo video of SketchUML's basic features.

Teacher Mode Demo Video:: A short demo video of SketchUML's new Teacher Mode.

Advanced Features Demo Video:: An introduction to the latest UML related and application related advanced features.

Papers and talks:: A collection of papers and presentations regarding SketchUML.

You might also be interested in SketchUML's sister project, TabCon. TabCon is currently being developed by Dan Schlegel and can be found here.