SketchUML: A TabletPC-based eLearning Tool for the UML Syntax

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SketchUML is a project of the Interactive Learning Technology Laboratory of the State Univesity of New York at Oswego. Many people have contributed to the success of SketchUML. A list of contributors can therefore be found below.


Inventor: Dr. Lin Qiu [ link | mail ]
Project Coordinator: Dr. Douglas Lea [ link | mail ]
Lead Developer / Programmer: Bastian Tenbergen [ link | mail ]
Former Developers: Rick Buck [ mail ]
Jesse Ahrens
Usability Testing Supervisor: Dr. Gary Klatsky [ link | mail ]
Usability Test Conductors: Rick Buck [ mail ]
Colleen Grieshaber
Lisa Lazzaro
Bastian Tenbergen [ link | mail ]
Software Testers: Dan Schlegel [ link | mail ]
Sabar Banks


Special thanks go to Colleen, who provides us with nice graphics and images, to Rick for this website template and to Basti for maintaining the website.