SketchUML: A TabletPC-based eLearning Tool for the UML Syntax

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About SkecthUML

SketchUML is a TabletPC based e-Learning tool that incorporates a minimalistic interface to resemble naturalistic pen-and-paper design approaches and combine their simplicity with the advantages of computer-aided design. This is meant to facilitate the learning of the UML syntax. As many CAD tools are very complex in nature, these products inhibit the learning of the concepts of UML, as it is necessary to learn the CAD tool in parallel. A simplistic, naturalistic interface will therefore enhance the learning effect and decrease the learning curve of UML.

SketchUML is a project of the Interactive Learning Technology Laboratory of the State Univesity of New York at Oswego. It is designed for TabletPCs and requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v2.5 or higher, the TabletPC SDK and the Microsoft Ink SDK.

As a rather novel approach in non-collaborative, educational TabletPC software, with this project, we seek to investigate the usability of educational software to enhance learning. In terms of learning, simplicity is always of advantage to allow students to learn the concepts of a given topic easily and efficiently. However, learning can be tedious, if there is not enough interactive or overly complicated support. This project aims to minimize complexity of an interface of a computer-aided design (CAD) tool and show that interactive learning can be facilitated even in non-collaborative settings.