SketchUML: A TabletPC-based eLearning Tool for the UML Syntax

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Usability Tests

The purpose of this SUNY Oswego Human Computer Interaction Master's Degree project, was to test and evaluate the overall usability of the Tablet PC Application SketchUML.

The usability of SkecthUML was first evaluated by expert interviews to help determine the overall completeness of the applications functionality. The feedback obtained from these interviews was then used to plan, shape, and rewrite the algorithmic structure of the SketchUML source code.

Once the strategically obtainable and programably possible changes had been applied to SketchUML, the application was introduced to an undergraduate software engineering class. The undergraduates were split into 2 groups and asked to complete 2 separate tasks using SketchUML. Upon completing the tasks the undergraduates were asked to complete a qustionairre with Likert scale and open ended questions. The results of these questionaires and the participant's performances were then analyzed to guage an overall usability score of SketchUML and to help determine future programming changes to the application.