[jsr294-modularity-eg] Runtime model

Doug Lea dl at cs.oswego.edu
Fri Jun 8 08:56:46 EDT 2007

Glyn Normington wrote:
> Perhaps Andreas and Alex are currently too busy, but can we agree that 
> the Expert Group will have a serious discussion of Bryan's runtime model 
> by, say, the middle of July, as I think it has some very useful 
> properties and I would hate it to be dismissed lightly. I really don't 
> want JSR 294 to be dogged with the "Not Invented Here" criticism like 
> JSR 277.
> A telecon or face to face meeting may help: England is lovely this time 
> of year. ;-)

I'm the worst offender among us in the too-busy-to-cope
category. (Mainly, I've been trying hard to get cool new
multicore-friendly lightweight parallel framework targetted
for Java 7 in good enough shape for people to get some
experience with soon.). Sorry about that. I'll hopefully
be back to normal active EG mode within a few weeks.

But I agree with the spirit of Glyn's remarks to chill out.
I'm sure that Andreas didn't mean to sound autocratic about
forming proposal, and I'm sure that Bryan's ideas are worth
discussing, despite the fact we haven't yet.

I guess Andrea's responses are best decoded as
a request to give him some time to think through stuff, perhaps
incorporating some of Bryan's ideas, before going through
blow-by-blow comparison. Which for me would be fine.

A telecon in July sounds like a good idea. As much as I
agree about how nice it would be to all visit Glyn in England,
I don't think I can schedule it.


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