[Isolate-interest] Isolates as untrusted gui plugins

Patrick Tullmann tullmann@flux.utah.edu
Tue, 13 May 2003 16:57:53 -0600

Curt wrote:
> Would a browser that ran each applet in its own Isolate be in
> conflict with some spec?  If not, applets *could be* Isolates.

Nothing in java.applet looks particularly troublesome to implement.
The Applet objects would have to be proxy handles on the other
applets.  (Which would break downcasting an Applet instance to a known
type to communicate with it.)  The Applet startup stuff would of
course have to be changed (but I think that's all private to the
browser already).  There are probably some subtleties involved with
shared state that would become per-applet.  I have no idea if an
isolate-aware browser could set up the GUI support well enough to keep
Applet's happy...

To get back to your question.  I have no idea if code like this:
	Applet o = appletContext.getApplet("Froz");
	FrozApplet fa = (FrozApplet)o;
is allowed by the spec or not.  If it is, then it would be difficult
to transparently support all Applets in isolate-based containers.


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